Choosing the best instant coffee

October 9, 2013

A Brief Overview Of Instant Coffee and Best Instant Coffee

good instant coffeeHave you ever wondered how instant coffee is made? For many years, coffee has played a significant role in our morning routine. What kept instant coffee around since it was invented is its affordable cost. Moreover, it is easy to prepare and with just a few seconds, you can enjoy a cup of warm and aromatic coffee. Another pointer why it is still popular is its longer shelf life.

Indeed, the invention of instant coffee has brought joy to every household. Even restaurants and fast food establishments have their own instant coffee concoction. However, other coffee lovers disregard instant coffee due to its inferior taste compared to a freshly brewed coffee. These days, some examples of the most popular instant coffee brands are Starbucks VIA, Maxwell House, Nescafe, Extra and Folgers and so on.

How Coffee Is Made?

In the spring, coffee trees blossom with white flowers, which will turn to small green coffee beans. For the next months, these beans will grow until they ripen. During the fall season, coffee beans will mature into a red fruit that is also known as coffee cherry.  These coffee cherries are carefully picked by hands, and for coffee growers, handpicking coffee cherries is a lengthy process.

Afterwards, these cherries will be pulped and dried. First, the outer red skin of the fruit will be removed. The process called pulping is done with the use of a machine that has the capacity to pull off the skin of the bean. Then, it will be laid out in the sun and coffee farmers will let it dry. Usually, the process takes about a week. There are special coffee houses that are built to protect the coffee beans from the rain.

Parchment is the term used for coffee beans that have been completely dried. The parchment can go through the next stage, but other growers store it for a few months. As the process continues, coffee parchment will run through a hulling machine to strip the last layer of the skin from the beans. After the coffee is hulled, it will be sorted. This particular process will classify each coffee bean according to size and weight.

Once the coffee beans are sorted out, it will be roasted. Roasting must be done right away to prevent degradation of the flavor. Because of the chemical changes during this process, the green beans will turn into dark and flavorful beans. To produce great results, roasting is being done at different durations and temperatures.

Finally, roasted coffee is distributed and sold to consumers. It is either ground into powder form or brewed to achieve natural aroma and distinct flavor.

History Of Instant Coffee

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In 1890, instant coffee was invented and patented by David Strang of New Zealand. He made this coffee available under the patent number 3518. However, the first traceable history when instant coffee was invented was around 1771 in Britain. Later in 1853, it was further developed by the Americans. It was only in 1901 when Japanese Sartori Kato has formulated a successful method to manufacture stable powdered products. He also pioneered the production of instant tea.

In 1910, George Constant Louis Washington mass produced instant coffee in America. He has received numerous achievements and acquired a patent for his work. Although considered as a great feat, the instant coffee powder was widely criticized due to its unpleasant taste. Later in 1938, Nescafe became the most popular brand of instant coffee. The company has improved the taste of instant coffee by drying coffee extract together with an equal amount of soluble carbohydrate.

The first major market of instant coffee was the military. During World War I, soldiers needed boost on the battlefield, which was why coffee consumption has become essential. By World War II, coffee was a sensation, and many companies like Nescafe, supported the growing demand for coffee. In the span of one year, the entire production of coffee in a US Nescafe plant went directly to the military.

These days, the best process for maintaining the aromatic taste of instant coffee is by freeze drying. Coffee has still a huge following. The popularity of instant coffee has made way to other instant drinks to also make it successful in the market. A long shelf life, ease of preparation and a balanced yet rich taste make instant coffee ever so popular.

How To Quickly Find The Best Instant Coffee?

Customer feedbacks and reviews. One quick way to look for best instant coffee is to search for products with high number of feedbacks, do read both positive and negative reviews. This is the most convenience way to see if a certain product or brand is suitable with you. However, it is still not always 100% correct since you may not have the same feeling with other customers.

Another choice is to look for instant coffee made from countries with long culture of producing coffee. Coffee from those countries are diversified and are often selected from the best places such as coffee from Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam etc…

Other possible solution is to taste directly. After you have looked for certain criteria such as acidity, aroma, flavor and bean types, make sure to taste different instant coffee brands before you select the one that best suits your preference. In addition, choose a certain brand of instant coffee for its popularity.

Some tips for making perfect cup of instant coffee

–          Water quality: water must be fresh and tastes good enough to drink straight. It is recommend to use filtered tap water or bottled water. Note, not to use distilled water since it is missing essential minerals that contribute to water’s taste.

–          Coffee cup: The cup should be very clean, having no “foreign” smell, say, you should not make a cup of tea then you make your instant coffee cup without cleaning it carefully. Regarding cup materials, a ceramic cup is a great choice because it can keep coffee hot and do not add extra flavors.

Instant coffee is great but it is not true for different people and at different time. If you have been a long time coffee drinker, then there is no problem. If you are new to coffee, do not drink coffee late at night since you may find hard to fall into sleep. Take a small amount in the morning is a great start for you. Or you may consider organic-decaf instant coffee right HERE.

Below is my research for top products with highest rating in Amazon.

top rated instant coffee by brand

Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee
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Nescafé Taster's Choice Instant Coffee
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Nestle Mountain Blend
Jacob’s Coffee
Maxwell House International

And here is the list of some top instant coffee brands you can get today:

Always remember to consider the flavor that suits you. Different brands of instant coffee also have several degrees of taste and mildness. Be sure to check my interactive guide chart and my reviews to help you get the top instant coffee and instant coffee brands.